DJ K brings it in hard on the 48th! installment of the Killa Podcast. All we have to say is anybody who has the balls to mix such a variety of styles deserves your attention. And the attention of your next-door neighbors too (if you know what I mean). Make sure to check the track list below and download the podcast.

Download the podcast here.

At long last a new music mix. This is not my typical dancefloor-oriented jungle/dnb (although you may find yourself dancing at times). It is based in soundscapes and the beats in parts remind me of emotional drumming I once did as a teenager. Get angry or get reflective.

1. D.K. Ritual – Death Does Not Dance (Edit)
2. Acen – Trip II The Moon (Tactical Aspect Remix)
3. Faithless – We Come One (Leo Trashman Remix)
4. Gein – Motherfucker (Osci Remix)
5. Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Marka Feat. Strategy
6. Osci – The World Ain’t Ready (Dubplate Version)
7. Junglord – Cyber Samurai
8. Figure & Whiskey Pete – Cut Throat (Ragga Edit)
9. Shaka-Itchi – Rave Abolition & Dub Heaven
10. Mungo’s Hi Fi Feat. Soom T – Did You Really Know (Mana Boom Amen Bootleg)
11. ForeverKid – RattaScat (Direct Feed Remix)
12. Spectrasoul – Light In The Dark Feat. Terri Walker
13. Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange Feat. Kerry Leva – In And Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
14. Rumble Jungle Clash – Bombs
15. Flukey – As You May Know
16. Paluca – Water Brings The Madness (Edit


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