Zaku-Chan is (according to the bandcamp page) a 17 year old LA based bass producer, and this young chap’s got skills better than some veterans in the industry. If you like what you hear, make sure to check his bandcamp for some free tunes, and if your in the LA area on June 21st, come by Long Beach to check him out live at the FEELS SO GOOD summer party!

A remix that the Noisia boys handed down to producer Receptor after being impressed with his work as a producer, the results are quite amazing and a far departure form what Noisia is used to sounding like. Glitch hoppy 100bpm funk fest remix of Alpha Centauri. SIck! If you want to grab this one for free just register at the official Noisia page linked below :D

Free Download: (register at site for free downloads galore)

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Follow Receptor:!/receptormusic

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BIGUPS to the LA based Holistix crew who just pulled through with an exclusive mix, made just for us @DBR =D Get your summer started with this sweet liquid DNB mix. It’s across the whole production spectrum, from “fresh cuts, classic jams, and dubplate goodness” Enjoy! Oh, did we mention, free download too? If you like it, please share the love! =)


Linky - ‘Be There’ (LuvDisaster)
Muwookie - ‘The Ways’ (free tune)
Dubsky & Magnafide - ‘Handsome Devils’ (Soul Deep dub)
Marky & Makoto & A-Sides - ‘Tonight’ (Innerground)
Scott Allen & mSdoS - ‘Bar Soul’ (Have-A-Break)
mSdoS & ARP-1 - ‘Soul Hearts’ (dub)
Logistics - ‘Sendai Song’ (Hospital)
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S & Jand - ‘Come Back Go’ (Liquid Brilliants)
Random Movement - ‘Scarlet Trouble’ (Bingo)
S.P.Y - ‘Obsession’ (Advance//d)
Icicle - ‘Magnetism’ (Fokuz)
Landslide & Alison Crockett – ‘It’s Not Over’ [Influx UK’s Dig Deeper Mix] (Hospital)
Logistics feat. Nightshade & Sarah Callander - ‘Crystal Skies’ (Hospital)
Scott Allen - ‘Inner Beauty’ (Celsius dub)
Level 2 - ‘No Time’ VIP (Liquid V)
Dave Owen & Sconeboy - ‘Coming Apart’ (dub)
Random Movement - ‘Connections’ (Prestige Music dub)
The Burbs - ‘Face On’ (Jerona Fruits)
Technicolour & Komatic - ‘The Glow’ (SGN:LTD)
Bal - ‘The Trendy Tune’ (Influence)
Scott Allen - ‘Sunshine’ (Telluric dub)
Snakehips - ‘The Years’ [Loz Contreras Rmx] (free tune)
Flaco - ‘Colossus’ (Innerground)
Phuturistix feat. Jenna G - ‘Beautiful’ [Nu:Tone Rmx] (Hospital)
Break - ‘Time After Time’ (Symmetry)
Craggz - ‘My Detroit’ (Med School)
Madcap - ‘Our Love’ (Phuzion)
Scott Allen - ‘Dusk’ (Celsius dub)

DJ KO5 just dropped a massive summer mix for your pretty little ears. This sweet mix holds nothing back, featuring your favorites from the likes of Sigma & Cameo and Krooked, you know this is gonna hit your harder than a wrecking ball. Oh, free download too, so you can take it where ever you want =D!/djko5

DJ K brings it in hard on the 48th! installment of the Killa Podcast. All we have to say is anybody who has the balls to mix such a variety of styles deserves your attention. And the attention of your next-door neighbors too (if you know what I mean). Make sure to check the track list below and download the podcast.

Download the podcast here.

At long last a new music mix. This is not my typical dancefloor-oriented jungle/dnb (although you may find yourself dancing at times). It is based in soundscapes and the beats in parts remind me of emotional drumming I once did as a teenager. Get angry or get reflective.

1. D.K. Ritual – Death Does Not Dance (Edit)
2. Acen – Trip II The Moon (Tactical Aspect Remix)
3. Faithless – We Come One (Leo Trashman Remix)
4. Gein – Motherfucker (Osci Remix)
5. Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Marka Feat. Strategy
6. Osci – The World Ain’t Ready (Dubplate Version)
7. Junglord – Cyber Samurai
8. Figure & Whiskey Pete – Cut Throat (Ragga Edit)
9. Shaka-Itchi – Rave Abolition & Dub Heaven
10. Mungo’s Hi Fi Feat. Soom T – Did You Really Know (Mana Boom Amen Bootleg)
11. ForeverKid – RattaScat (Direct Feed Remix)
12. Spectrasoul – Light In The Dark Feat. Terri Walker
13. Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange Feat. Kerry Leva – In And Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
14. Rumble Jungle Clash – Bombs
15. Flukey – As You May Know
16. Paluca – Water Brings The Madness (Edit


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Get deep with Megalodon and this new dubstep mix for May 2012 featuring some of the greatest names at the moment in grimey, bass weighty dubstep :D

Download the Mix free Here

Track List:

Requake - Fatality (Megalodon Remix) (Dub) 
Megalodon & Conscious Pilot - Like this Ft. Doctor (Section 8) 
Badklaat - Original Sauce VIP (Dubstar) 
Joker ft. Newham Generals - You Should Know (Forthcoming Kapsize) 
Requake - Euro Deal (Dub) 
Curzed - Wham (Forthcoming Bassclash) 
The Aliens - Enough Said (Forthcoming Dubstar) 
Requake & Badklaat - Whooper (Dub) 
Temo & Apollo - Kung Fu (Dub) 
Laxx - Untitled (Dub) 
Cotti - High Times (Dub) 
Noah D & Antiserum Ft. Newham Generals - Gonna Get Dark (Smog) 
Lost & Mutated Mindz - 5 a day (Dub) 
Megalodon - Zombie Rot (Dub) 
Requake - Meditation of Man (Dub) 
Joker - Skitta (Forthcoming Kapsize) 
Dubface - March of the Synths (Dub) 
Hizzleguy & J Da Flex - Goonflex (Dub) 
Skism Ft. Virus Syndicate - Like this (Dub) 
Laxx - Sound of the Universe (Dub) 
Megalodon - Sparta (Forthcoming Sin City) 
Cyberoptics - Harlequin Dreams (Megalodon Rmx) (Dub) 
Dream & Beezy - X Rated (Dub) 
P0gman - Here we go again (Dub) 
Skism - Power (Eptic Rmx) 
Temo & Buggsy - Set Them Alight (Dub) 
KLRGM - Killing Time (Dub)