Here’s a little snippet of what’s coming up for the week!


RESPECT DRUM&BASS @ The Dragonfly - Presale Tickets



TURN HIM LOOSE (FREE 6BLOCC [R.A.W.]) - The Airliner

For some odd reason, one of LA’s best, Raoul Gonzalez aka R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC, is stuck incarcerated in Mexico by immigration officials. All proceeds generated by this show will go directly towards the legal process that is underway to bring home 6BLOCC. $5 donation fee at the door, lineup soon to be announced. If you can’t make it out, but would still like to help, please check the Facebook link to contribute a donation. LET’S TURN HIM LOOSE!!


9:00pm - 9:45pm Fury
9:45pm - 10:45pm Sigma
10:45pm - 12:15am Andy C
12:30am - 2:00am Rusko


BIGUPS to the LA based Holistix crew who just pulled through with an exclusive mix, made just for us @DBR =D Get your summer started with this sweet liquid DNB mix. It’s across the whole production spectrum, from “fresh cuts, classic jams, and dubplate goodness” Enjoy! Oh, did we mention, free download too? If you like it, please share the love! =)


Linky - ‘Be There’ (LuvDisaster)
Muwookie - ‘The Ways’ (free tune)
Dubsky & Magnafide - ‘Handsome Devils’ (Soul Deep dub)
Marky & Makoto & A-Sides - ‘Tonight’ (Innerground)
Scott Allen & mSdoS - ‘Bar Soul’ (Have-A-Break)
mSdoS & ARP-1 - ‘Soul Hearts’ (dub)
Logistics - ‘Sendai Song’ (Hospital)
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S & Jand - ‘Come Back Go’ (Liquid Brilliants)
Random Movement - ‘Scarlet Trouble’ (Bingo)
S.P.Y - ‘Obsession’ (Advance//d)
Icicle - ‘Magnetism’ (Fokuz)
Landslide & Alison Crockett – ‘It’s Not Over’ [Influx UK’s Dig Deeper Mix] (Hospital)
Logistics feat. Nightshade & Sarah Callander - ‘Crystal Skies’ (Hospital)
Scott Allen - ‘Inner Beauty’ (Celsius dub)
Level 2 - ‘No Time’ VIP (Liquid V)
Dave Owen & Sconeboy - ‘Coming Apart’ (dub)
Random Movement - ‘Connections’ (Prestige Music dub)
The Burbs - ‘Face On’ (Jerona Fruits)
Technicolour & Komatic - ‘The Glow’ (SGN:LTD)
Bal - ‘The Trendy Tune’ (Influence)
Scott Allen - ‘Sunshine’ (Telluric dub)
Snakehips - ‘The Years’ [Loz Contreras Rmx] (free tune)
Flaco - ‘Colossus’ (Innerground)
Phuturistix feat. Jenna G - ‘Beautiful’ [Nu:Tone Rmx] (Hospital)
Break - ‘Time After Time’ (Symmetry)
Craggz - ‘My Detroit’ (Med School)
Madcap - ‘Our Love’ (Phuzion)
Scott Allen - ‘Dusk’ (Celsius dub)

We’re not fond of posting up short clips of soon-to-be-released-tracks, but this one is so massive we HAVE TO share it! The galaxies known as Tony Anthem & Axl Ender vs Erb n Dub collided together in a massive galactic firework show, then got sucked through the black hole known as Slogun & iOh, thus creating a massively destructive audible experience known as Rise. It drops June 12, so keep tabs on @slogundnb till then!

DJ KO5 just dropped a massive summer mix for your pretty little ears. This sweet mix holds nothing back, featuring your favorites from the likes of Sigma & Cameo and Krooked, you know this is gonna hit your harder than a wrecking ball. Oh, free download too, so you can take it where ever you want =D!/djko5

Freakishly sweet 5 part documentary on the history of DnB in Seattle! Big Ups! Here’s an expert about the film, straight from the youtube channel:

This has truly been a labor of love. Countless hours spent scanning flyers, sifting the internet and sitting in front of this screen. It’s far from perfect but it’s in the same DIY vein as was the Seattle Drum and Bass explosion. Total Budget = $0…. Total profit = $0…. This is by a head for the heads. This is a collection of Seattle dnb community photos, videos and flyers. This belongs to the entire Seattle Drum and Bass community. Thank you for your contributions.

(via reddit/r/dnb)

I met Gridlok in 2008 when he paid a visit KPFK’s Radiobomb in LA. I just so happened to have been there and he gave me a copy of his Autopsy album. It made me feel special. This track was… no, is! so freaking KICK-ASS that it’s been my favorite for years now. BIG UPs to Gridlok for keeping it down for years!